There’s something special that happens when people come together. It is the catalytic spark of energy colliding, the melding of minds, and the synchronicity of spirits. It is the eruption of rising adrenaline, and the thunderous rumble of hearts beating in unison. It is so powerful you can feel it in your soul.


We are poised to mount the comeback of a lifetime. We deserve do-overs for all the things we’ve missed, and a chance to get back to all life has to offer. The way we rise will define our era. It will show the world what we’re made of. We will make it better than good. We will make it epic.


It is time to live in the moment again, without any boundaries. It is time for popping champagne corks, warm embraces, unabashed singing, frenzied dancing, and unbridled enthusiasm. It is time to open the flood gates and let it all go. It is time to seize the day, and savour moment. It is time to leave the past behind, and live in the now.


They say there was a reason the twenties roared. Pent up energy needs somewhere to go. That wild thing within us longs to escape. The rumbling. The spark. That fire inside that’s ready to rage. It must be let out, like a frenzy of swarming bees. It happened then, and it will happen again. Feel the vibration. Anticipate the wicked sting. Get ready to roar. Roar like never before.


Roaring Parties are coming to a city near you. We will dress to the nines, paint the town, cut a rug, and raise our glasses. We will sing, and dance, and mingle, and sparkle. It will be a spectacle of enormous proportions—a party for the ages. Let’s raise the roof, and party with abandon. It’s our time to shine. It’s our time to soar. Let’s get ready to ROAR!

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